Interview Kit

Interview kits are your secret weapon for finding the perfect talent every time. These pre-built sets of questions and assessment criteria, tailored to specific roles and stages, ensure all candidates are evaluated on the same relevant points. Not only does this create a fair and consistent experience for everyone, but it also empowers you to make confident hiring decisions, reduce bias, and improve the overall interview process.


Interview kits are divided into multiple sections to provide a structure for interviews and standardize feedback for easier review.

Sections are made up of:

  1. The template name

  2. Guideline

  3. Metric AND Question

  4. Overall Feedback

  5. Note


Users with Admin role can create, edit or delete an interview kit template by navigating to the Settings page in the right corner of Hireforce and clicking on the Interview kit.

Hiring team can add one or more interview kits to specific stages of the job, ensuring that users can easily access them when evaluating candidates.

When you've created an interview kit, actions such as preview, edit, and delete will appear to the right.


You can create as many interview kits and customize them to your needs.

Clicking + New interview kit button to start creating interview kit

Interview kits are divided into multiple sections to provide a structure for interviews and standardize feedback for easier review.

Sections are made up of:

  1. The template name

  2. Guideline

  3. Metric AND Question

  4. Overall Feedback

  5. Note

Then click Save



When editing template on settings, any interview kits that have already been added for jobs will not be changed if users have given feedback.

And it will be changed if the user has not given feedback.


There is no way to restore deleted interview kit templates

Once an interview kit has been added to a job, it cannot be deleted.

How to use

Add an interview kit to Job

Adding interview kits to your ATS is a simple yet powerful way to optimize your hiring process. By using pre-built structures and templates, you can ensure consistent, efficient, and collaborative hiring, ultimately leading to better talent acquisition for your company.

You can add an interview kit to a job as following:

  1. Open the job that need to add an interview kit.

  2. On the main tab, choose Details tab.

  3. On the right, under the Hiring team section, you can see Interview kit section.

  4. Click +Add then choose the Stage (Screening or Interview) and Interview kit template you created for this job.

  5. Click Add to save or click Cancel if you want to cancel this.

  • As an admin, you can save any section of your kit as a template for future use, making it easy to standardize interviews across roles or departments.

  • If you imported a template and made changes, you can choose to save it as a new template or overwrite the existing one. This lets you keep track of variations and improve your kits over time.

Add an interview kit to an interview

After you added an interview kit to a job, when you schedule an interview, you can add an interview kit to an interview as following:

  1. Go to a candidate's profile.

  2. Click the Interview button on the right of profile.

  3. In the pop-up, input the interview's information.

  4. At Stage field, choose the stage that you created an interview kit.

  5. At Interview kit field, choose the Interview kit template that you want to add to this interview.

  6. Click Continue

Submit feedback with an interview kit

If a candidate applies to a job containing interview kits, these will automatically be added to the candidate's profile under the tab Interviews. This is where you add the feedback.

Interview kits will be available as a feedback form when evaluating candidates in the relevant stage.

You can submit feedback an interview as following:

  1. After an interview, click Submit feedback button.

  2. Each feedback form will list the skills and questions addressed in the interview kit. Simply rate the candidate's performance for each item. Feel free to skip any areas you didn't cover during the conversation.

  3. Choose your evaluation by selecting an option (mandatory field).

  4. In the Note section, you are able to give your comment by providing additional details as to why this candidate is or isn't a good fit for the job.

  5. Click Submit feedback to submit your feedback and keep it on record for future reference. Now, the rest of the hiring team can see your evaluation.

  6. If you're not ready to publish your interview feedback, you can save it as a draft that only you can see by click Save as draft. You can also continue to work on that interview feedback later. At that time, you will be able to see your colleagues’ evaluations.

Feedback view

After an interview, when you click Submit feedback on a profile, if the candidate have no data of CV or Guideline:

  1. The Guideline section will be hide if it has no value.

  2. The Profile section will show some basic information and work experience include:

  • Contact Details:


    Phone Number



  • Profile Info:

    Year of experience


  • Summary

  • CV/Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Education

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