When a recruiter is invited into a Hireforce, their specific actions will depend on the role they're assigned within the system and the stage of the hiring process for the specific job. However, here are some general tasks a recruiter might perform within an ATS:

Access Candidate Applications:

  • Review candidate profiles: A central location for all essential candidate information, providing a comprehensive overview and facilitating the efficient management and selection of suitable candidates

  • Organize candidates: Search, filter, add tag candidates to easily identify the best fits.

Managing the Hiring Process:

Job Management

You can easily Create or Edit a job. Simply fill out the required details and customize the posting to accurately reflect the role and then,

  • Publish to Your Career Page: Once finalized, publish the job posting to your company's Career Page on Hireforce. This makes it readily accessible to potential candidates who visit your Career Page

  • Integrate with External Job Boards: Hireforce offers the option to integrate with various external job boards. This expands your reach by showcasing your openings on additional platforms frequented by job seekers. ℹī¸ Note: This functionality might require additional configuration or a paid subscription.

  • Leverage Referral Hub for Talent Acquisition: Encourage employee referrals! Hireforce's Referral Hub allows you to streamline the process and incentivize employees to recommend qualified candidates from their networks.

  • Promote on Social Media: Share the job opening directly on social media platforms or anywhere else using the unique job publish link generated by Hireforce

Reporting and Analytics:

  • Utilize the Hireforce reporting tools to analyze applicant data and identify trends.

  • Time to Hire, Team productivity helping you optimize your recruitment efforts.

  • Monitor key hiring metrics within the ATS dashboard.

  • Depending on access level, some recruiters might be able to access full data as an Administrator if your access level is Admin. You might also manage user permissions and access levels for other team members within the system.

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