Hiring Manager

While the specific duties of a Hiring Manager can differ across organizations depending on their unique needs and recruitment processes, this guide offers a general overview of their role within Hireforce. Here, we'll outline the tasks assigned to users designated as hiring managers for a job opening in Hireforce.

Access to Hireforce

After you were added to the company on Hireforce with the Member role, you will get a welcome email

Click Join us, It'll navigate to Hireforce interface on the Job Page. Then you can explore the Hireforce feature as a Member

As a Member, there are 3 important sections that you need to focus when accessing Hirefoce: Account Setting, Job management, and Candidate management

Access to Applicants

Hireforce simplifies the review of applications by providing access to the Candidate Profile. Utilize filters to find qualified candidates matching the job description.

  • Review candidate profiles: A central location for all essential candidate information, providing a comprehensive overview and facilitating the efficient management and selection of suitable candidates

  • Search, filter, add tag candidates to easily identify the best fits.


Aggregates all tasks assigned to you, making it easy to manage your interview-related workload.

Submit Feedback

Your calendar keeps you updated on all events you're attending. If you are invited to an event, such as an interview, you will be added to the attendee list and your calendar will be updated with events related to you. You can:


If your Company account is enabled Referral section, it will be displayed on your left menu.

Referral Hub may help you know which jobs have the referral feature enabled and their reward, besides, you can easily refer potential candidates in your network to your company.


This Job section is only displayed on your left menu when you are added to the hiring team for a job. This helps you see the job information and the list of candidates in each job to take appropriate action.

  • View Job Dashboard that you are a member of hiring team

  • Check your job pipeline and related candidates. Please note that you cannot edit any details of the candidate's profile, such as their contact information, work experience,.... You also cannot change the stage of the candidate's application.

  • Take note and give feedback

Create a Job from approved requisition

Before creating a job to publish on your Career Page, there is a very first step that takes place internally in any company such as getting approval for a new position or replacement in your organization. Firstly, as an Admin, you need to enable the feature in Setting, then you or your team can start to use Requisition for your hiring process

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