Interviewer (Event Attendee)

Access to Hireforce

After you were added into the company on Hireforce with the Limited Member role, you will get a welcome email

Click Join us, It'll navigate to Hireforce interface at Job Page. Then you can explore the Hireforce feature as an Limited Member


Aggregates all tasks assigned to you, making it easy to manage your interview-related workload.

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The most important section, your calendar keeps you updated on all events you're attending. If you are invited to an event, such as an interview, you will be added to the attendee list and your calendar will be updated with events related to you. You can:


If your Company account is enabled Referral section, it will be displayed on your left menu.

Referral Hub may help you know which jobs have the referral feature enabled and their reward, besides, you can easily refer potential candidates in your network to your company.

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