Team Productivity

Team productivity provides a comprehensive overview of your team's activities and performance metrics, offering valuable insights into their effectiveness in hiring talent. It summarizes key individual contributions across various aspects of the hiring process, allowing you to assess overall team performance and identify areas for potential improvement.

Applicant Notes

The number of notes added by a team member for candidates, based on the note created date.


The number of candidates identified and brought into the hiring pipeline for a specific job, based on the "Sourced" date assigned in Hireforce.


The total number of times candidates progress through different stages within the hiring pipeline. The "Move" date refers to the date the stage change was recorded in Hireforce.


The number of candidates disqualified by your team, based on the disqualification date.


The number of feedback entries submitted by your team members, based on the feedback submitted date.


The number of interviews scheduled by your team members within Hireforce, based on the scheduled date.


The number of candidates transitioned to the "Hired" stage, based on the date they moved to the "Hired" stage.

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