Access to Hireforce

Access to Hireforce

After you were added into the company on Hireforce, you will get a welcome email

Click Join us, It'll navigate to Hireforce interface. Then you can explore the Hireforce feature.


To sign into Hireforce, head to and select the preferred sign-in option.

With Hireforce you are able to sign in without creating a password, you can instead log in via the following options.

1. Sign in with Email: Sign in using your email address.

2. Sign in with Google: Sign in using your Google account.

3. Sign in with Microsoft: Sign in using your Microsoft account

If you are a user on multiple Hireforce accounts, you’ll be asked to select an account on the following page before being taken to Hireforce.

How can I switch between multiple organizations?

If you're recruiting at multiple organizations, and all of these organizations use Hireforce, you can manage them all by registering with the same email address.

To switch between accounts:

  1. Click on The user icon on the left menu

  2. Select Switch company.

  3. Choose the organizations you want to access.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback. Let us know!


You can reach out to our support team at

Live chat

Live support directly on the product: Supports users to easily share problems when using Hireforce.

Working hours: 9:00 - 18:00, Mon - Fri

You can contact us via live chat as following:

  • Click on the chat box "Chat with us" on the right side

  • Click Messages

  • Click Send us a message

  • Fill in the information you need support with and click send

Landing Page -

You can learn more about Hireforce, create a trial account or book a demo with us on our landing page:

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