Report provides a centralized view of your hiring process data. This allows you to easily track and analyze key metrics: Time to Hire, Team productivity,.. helping you optimize your recruitment efforts.

Click the pie chart icon to access the Report Center. Reports are filterable by Time, Job, Hiring Member, Location, and Department.

  • Time range: The report defaults to showing data for the last 30 days (including today). You can change this time range. Depending on the chosen time range, the report will compare the selected metrics to the data from the previous corresponding period (if any)

  • Job: This section displays a list of jobs relevant to the data in the report. - If you are an Administrator, you will see all jobs in the database. - If you are a Recruiters or Recruiting Managers, you will only see jobs where you are a member of the Hiring Team.

  • Hiring Team: - Administrators can filter this section to view the performance of specific team members (one or more). - Recruiters and Recruiting Managers will see their own Hiring Teams by default and cannot change this filter.

  • Location, Department: list all Location and Department that created on your company account

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