When you have reviewed your applicant, at any stage of the hiring pipeline, you can evaluate candidates to decide that they are suitable for the job. If the applicants match the job, you can proceed to the next stage of the hiring process. If the candidate is not fit to be hired for that position, you can disqualify them at any stage.

Using Hireforce's feature, you can easily evaluate candidates after screening or interviewing

Disqualify Candidates

By disqualifying candidates, recruiters can efficiently manage candidates, ensuring that only the most suitable candidates move forward in the hiring process. This helps save time by excluding candidates who do not match the job's requirements.

Recruiters can provide the appropriate disqualification reason depending on each candidate and job's requirements, such as not meeting job requirements or lacking the necessary experience and skills.

Feedback Interview

Submit feedback

Each member of the hiring team can leave one evaluation for the candidate per stage.

There are 2 options to submit feedback to a candidate after the interview.

Option 1: From Candidate profile

  1. In the candidate profile, select the appropriate job from the Job-Related tab.

  2. In the Interview tab, select an interview that you will leave feedback on.

  3. Click Submit feedback.

Option 2: From Calendar

  1. Select Calendar on the left menu.

  2. Find the candidate name (the interview) that you will leave feedback on.

  3. Click on the interview then click Submit feedback.

Filling out a feedback form

Feedback form without an Interview Kit

You can submit feedback an interview as following:

  1. After an interview, click Submit feedback button.

  2. Choose your evaluation by selecting an option (mandatory field).

  3. In the Note section, you are able to give your comment by providing additional details as to why this candidate is or isn't a good fit for the job.

  4. Click Submit feedback to submit your feedback and keep it on record for future reference. Now, the rest of the hiring team can see your evaluation.

  5. If you're not ready to publish your interview feedback, you can save it as a draft that only you can see by click Save as draft. You can also continue to work on that interview feedback later. At that time, you will be able to see your colleagues’ evaluations.

Feedback form with an Interview Kit

Learn more about Filling out an interview feedback when the job containing interview kit here.

To prevent unconscious bias, when a group of hiring team members is invited to an event (interview, call), their evaluations for that event and pipeline stage are hidden from each other until they submit their own evaluation.

Members not on the hiring team won't be able to see any evaluations for the job.

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