Hiring Pipeline

In Hireforce, all vacancies have 2 fixed stages:

  • Application from 2 sources:

    • Source is the applicant that is sourced by a recruiter

    • Applied is the applicant that applied by themselves via Career Page

  • Hire

However, depending on the level of the job or skills required, you might need to add several interviews or skills or personality assessments into the pipeline, Hireforce allows you to track the progress of each job by customizing other stages and a maximum of 15 stages

Important: If you use multiple pipelines, it is not recommended to frequently adjust the reporting pipeline. Most changes should be made to specific pipelines instead. Changes to the reporting pipeline impact all pipelines.

Default Pipeline

The default pipeline template is the template that all newly created jobs will use.

You can set a default pipeline template default at Active Process

Add New Pipeline

1. Go to Settings > Hiring Pipeline

2. Click + New Template

3. Input pipeline template information


  • Stages at Applicant and Hired sections are fixed, you won't be allowed to change these stages.

  • In the active Process section, the new stage may be added with a maximum of 12 stages.

Edit a Pipeline

  1. Find the Pipeline which you want to edit -> Click the edit button

  1. Click Save to complete

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