Disqualification Reason

When you have reviewed your application, in any stage of the hiring pipeline, and decided that he/she is not fit to be hired for that position, you can disqualify that candidate, you can disqualify candidates with the appropriate disqualification reason.

In Hireforce, when you disqualify an applicant, you have to choose a disqualifying reason. This is to prevent you from making mistakes as well as to provide insights into your candidate database.

Type of disqualification reason

To make it easy to identify the reason for rejecting an applicant as well as unify information in the hiring process, Hireforce supports two categories of rejection reasons:

There are two types of disqualification reasons:

1 - Rejection reasons from Employer

Rejection reasons from Employers are typically focused on the candidate's qualifications and experience, as well as their fit for the company culture. Some common employer rejection reasons include:

  • Not qualified: The candidate does not have the required skills or experience for the job.

  • Not a good fit: The candidate's personality or work style is not a good match for the company culture.

  • More qualified candidates: There were other candidates who were more qualified for the job.

  • Budget constraints: The company does not have the budget to hire the candidate.

  • Hiring freeze: The company has put a hold on hiring for all positions.

2 - Rejection reasons from Candidate

Rejection reasons from Candidates are typically focused on the company and the job itself. Some common candidate rejection reasons include:

  • Salary: The salary offered was too low.

  • Benefits: The benefits package was not attractive enough.

  • Job description: The job description did not accurately reflect the job duties and responsibilities.

  • Company culture: The candidate did not like the company culture.

  • Location: The job was located in a place where the candidate did not want to live.

In Hireforce, we suggest some reasons for each type of disqualification reasons as a default.


In Hireforce, you can manage disqualification reasons in Settings -> Disqualification reasons

  • Click your avatar in the bottom-left corner and select Settings

  • Select Disqualification reasons

We suggest some reasons for each type of disqualification reasons as a default. However, you completely changed it to fit the hiring process.

Edit or Delete
  • You're able to edit or delete the reason, then click Save

Add New Reason
  • Click + New Reason. Add reason and select the type of disqualification. Then click Add

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