Referrals is an internal employee portal for companies using Hireforce. Integrated with your Hireforce account, this is the easiest way to find, track, and evaluate referrals and retain your best employees.

Via the Referrals portal, employees are able to:


Referral Setting

As an Administrator user, you can set up the Referral feature for your organization by navigating to the Company Settings page > Referrals

  • Everyone on your Hireforce will have access to the Referrals hub on their Hireforce account if the Referrals feature is enabled

  • Everyone on your Hireforce will receive weekly email notifications about new openings in the referral program if the New Job email notifications is enabled

  • Enable this feature Referral rewards policy to display relevant referral documents to everyone on your Hireforce. There are 2 options to display this:

    • Option 1: you can input a link to navigate to your referral policy

    • Option 2: you can upload a file Note: Hireforce supports a maximum file size of 10MB for PDF, DOCX, and DOC files.

    Then click Save change Users can view policy on the Referral Page

Reward Setting


You can set up referral reward for each Job

  • Go to a Job detail page

  • At the Detail tab, you can see the Referral section on the right. Enable this feature and go to the detailed reward setting

    • If the referral reward is a monetary amount, tick on Money option - Input the amount in the Amount field - Select suitable currency

  • If others, tick Other reward

    - Input the amount in the Amount field - Input kind of reward

Reward display

Certain jobs in the Referrals may have rewards/bonuses attached to them. You can see the available reward for a job on the Referrals page after completing set-up

Referral rewards are set by your company and are subject to your company's referral policy. To access your company's referral rewards policy, click View policy

Refer a candidate

If the Administrator enables the Referral feature, the Referrals section will show on the main menu of everyone on the Hireforce account as follows:

As a member of the Hireforce company account, you can access this portal to refer candidates and track your referrals

Option 1: Referring directly

Search to find a job for which you'd like to refer, and click Refer to add manually the resume/CV of the candidate who would be a good fit for the job.

Complete the required fields, then click Add

Hiring Team will receive an email notification about the candidate referred by someone.

  1. When referring candidates by sharing the job link, if a candidate who has previously applied to that job applies again, both the candidate and the recruiter for the job will not receive any new notifications.

After referring candidates, your referrals will be tracked in the My Referrals section

You can share a personal referral link for one or all open jobs to help find candidates and get a reward for a referral.

It is only possible to share a link when the job status is "Publish". If the job status is "Internal", Share button will be disabled

  • Locate a specific job and click Share

  • There are 2 options to share.

  1. Copy your personal link to your clipboard, and paste the link (ctrl + V) to share it anywhere.

  2. Share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Click any of these social media sites to open a page where you can sign into your account and post your referral link.

Candidates clicking on the link will see the job on your career page.

Your Referral Tracking

Click Referrals icon on the main menu of your Hireforce account. In this My Referrals section, you will see all referrals you've referred such as:

  • Candidate's name who you've referred

  • Job title to which you've referred a candidate

  • The status of all referrals

  • Date of candidate referral

The database in the My Referrals section differs for each user

Rewards that you are eligible for will update when a candidate is hired, but may not be paid out until other criteria in your company's policy are met.

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