Job Detail


If the Job card provides an overview of the position, the Job Detail Page dives into the specifics.

Job detail page has:

  1. Job tilte: The name of the position you are recruiting for.

  2. ​The main tab: Candidates, Detail, Notes, Job boards and Activities

  3. ​Job status: job's current status except draft job

  4. ​Assign team members to a job to hire collaboratively

The Main Tab

On the Job detail page, you can see four main tabs:

1. Candidates

Summarize all candidates for a Job that have been sorted by stage depending on the hiring pipeline that you set up. To help you easy manage the candidates on processing or not, Hireforce separates 2 tabs:

  • Qualified: shows all applicants of processing from the job

  • Disqualified: shows all applicants out of processing from the job

Each Candidate will be shown a card. When you hover your mouse pointer over a specific candidate card, you can quickly do three main actions:

If you are an Admin or a part of Job's Hiring team, you can:

2. Details

You can view all the specific details of the job, including the job description, requirements, benefits, and other job-related information.

Hiring team

Hiring Team: a group of individuals within your organization who are collectively responsible for the recruitment and selection of candidates for a open job.

The Hiring team may include:


Acts as the central point of contact for the hiring process. They source and identify potential candidates, screen resumes, schedule interviews, and manage communication with candidates. They may also be involved in the negotiation of job offers (depending on the organization).

Hiring Manager

The person who ultimately makes the decision to hire or not hire a candidate. They are typically responsible for defining the job requirements, setting the budget, and approving the final offer.

Team members

People supports the Recruiter in the hiring process.

  • For new job created: If user’s assigned departments matching with job’s department, Hireforce auto add them to Hiring team.

  • For existing jobs: If user’s assigned departments matching with job’s department, Hireforce auto suggested them as a recommended user to be added Hiring team.


All the admin(s) in your company account.

3. Notes

All team members with access to the job can see your notes except they have limited visibility. You can Create note on the job and choose to share notes with team members.

4. Job boards

Choose the job boards where the job will be posted to reach more candidates. Currently, Hireforce supports two free job boards: Google for job and freeC.

5. Activities

You can track and view all the activities related to the job, such as changing a candidate's stage in the job pipeline, taking notes, and candidate applying for a job or source... These activities are recorded by time, from the oldest to the newest, and include details about the recruiters who acted.

Assign team members to job

Team Members are added to have access to the job and all candidates for the specific job. If they are not on the hiring team they will not be able to access the job and candidate for that job.

Job has Archived status, recruiters will not assign members to the job.

To assign members to job on the job page detail:

  1. Select the job that the recruiter wants to add a team member to the job section

  2. Click icon +

  3. Select a team member from the drop-down menu

  1. Then click Add

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