Create a new Job

Creating a new job in Hireforce is the process of posting information about a specific job that your company is recruiting for. This includes defining the job description, requirements, benefits, and other relevant details to attract suitable candidates for the position.

There are 2 option to create a new Job:

  • Create job from Job dashboard

  • Create job from Requisition

Create job from Job dashboard

To create a new job, you can:

  1. Go to the Jobs page and click + New job button on the top right

  2. Fill out the key information about your job

1. Job Detail

Job title

The name of the position you are recruiting for.

  • We suggest using a Job Title that is as specific as possible while keeping it short.

  • Avoid using all capital letters, jargon, special characters, or eye-catching terms as this can impact the visibility of the job in search results.

Job Description

In this field, job description is a detailed description of a specific job position. You can enter details about the tasks, responsibilities, qualifications, skills, experience


List the benefits that candidates will receive from the company. This includes salary, health insurance, paid time off, training, and other benefits.

Other information

  • Department: The department in your company's organization to which this job belongs.

  • Location: The location where candidates will be working.

Make sure that Department and Location have been set up at the Settings page

  • Remote Status: Show the remote status of the job. This field is not required.

2. Employment details

These fields are not required to enter this information to proceed with the job creation. If you do not enter information, it will not be displayed on the Careers page.

  • Experience levels: Experience levels for this job

  • Education level: Candidates' highest level of education

  • Skills: Certifications that applicants should possess.

  • Job Category: An industry under which this job fall

  • Employment type: Include information about employment types such as full-time, part-time, temporary, or contract...

  • Salary: Display what salary a candidate could expect in this position. You can choose to add a fixed number or a range, as well as include the currency and payment frequencies.

3. Hiring Process

You modify the hiring pipeline for each job through Settings, and select the pipeline that is suitable for the job.

However, after creating a new job, a recruiter can edit the job pipeline on the Job detail page by clicking the Edit Pipeline button in the job action to set up the job pipeline directly.

Check out this article for more information about Hiring pipeline.

If you haven't completed the job creation yet, you can save it as a draft by clicking Save draft button

Once you’re ready to publish the job, click Publish button

Create job from Requisition

You can associate jobs with approved requisitions by creating a new job directly from the requisition itself.

Create job with requisition

You can associate jobs with approved requisitions by creating a new job directly from the requisition itself as follows:

  1. On the Requisition page, click on the approved requisition that you need to create job.

  2. Click +Create job in the lower right.

  3. You will then be re-directed to the job details page, where you can fill in the details for the job posting. Some fields will be pre-filled based on the information that was added to the requisition for easier set-up.

  4. Click Publish or Save draft to complete:

  • Publish β†’ Job status Publish

  • Save draft β†’ Job status Draft

Click HERE to follow the steps.

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