Assign a candidate to jobs

Existing candidates who had their profile on Hireforce

The Member role can assign candidates to a job if they are on the hiring team for that job.

  1. Go to a candidate's profile.

  2. Click the Assign button on the top of profile.

  3. Click + Assign at the job you want to assign the candidate to.

  4. Each job the candidate is in will have a stage name colored dot on its left side, indicating the job's status.

  5. For each job the candidate is in, there is a Stage button which will allow you to move the candidate to a different stage in the job's pipeline.

New candidates who didn't have their profile on Hireforce

If you would like to assign new candidates to a jobs, you can assign by adding new in the Job detail, referring candidates or candidates applying to jobs.

Check out this article for more information about Add Candidates.

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