Mark as hired

To mark a candidate as hired, move them to the Hired stage in the following 2 ways:

  1. In the job pipeline, drag and drop the application need moving to the Hired stage.

  • From the Job-Related tab, choose the suitable Job.

  • Click the Stage Button that shows the current stage and select Hired.

There will be a pop-up when you move the candidate to the Hired stage. You need to fill in the following information, then click Mark as hired to complete:

  • Hired date is the date that the candidate has been hired.

  • Start date is the date that the candidate starts the job.

  • Hired by is used to determine which the user successfully filled the open job.

Hired info

When the candidate is marked as hired, they will have a Hired info in their application.

It can make your team aware that the candidate is hired for a job.

Hired info includes: Job title; Hired by; Hire date.

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