Career Page

A careers page dedicated to showcasing your employer brand and presenting job openings.

Depending on the information you updated on the Career Page and Company Profile, your Career Page will show as the default template.

Company description

A company description is a concise overview of your business that highlights its key aspects to attract and inform job seekers. It tells them what your company does, its mission and values, or the kind of work environment they can expect.


The URL field displays the web address where potential candidates can access your company's Career Page. However, you cannot directly edit this field. It automatically populates with the following format once you update your Company Profile

Google Analytics 4 integration

Google Analytics 4 - GA4 is a new kind of property designed for the future of measurement: Collects both website and app data to better understand the customer journey. Uses event-based data instead of session-based. Includes privacy controls such as cookieless measurement, and behavioral and conversion modeling (1)

To use this feature, you need to

Then, the tracking will be working on Google Analytics 4 (2)

Source: (1),and%20behavioral%20and%20conversion%20modeling


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