Account Setting

Access Account Settings by clicking your avatar in the bottom-left then go to the section you want to update.

As an Admin, these are some items you need to check when accessing the first time:

Job Management

Job Dashboard

The Job Dashboard summarizes job positions. It is also where you manage potential candidates and collaborate with team members to monitor the hiring process.

Create a new job

To create a special job, the first step when you first access Hireforce, as an Admin, you must make sure that the following information has been set up in your account:

After that, You or your team can easily create new job postings within Hireforce. Simply fill out the required details and customize the posting to accurately reflect the role and then,

  • Publish to Your Career Page: Once finalized, publish the job posting to your company's Career Page on Hireforce. This makes it readily accessible to potential candidates who visit your Career Page

  • Integrate with External Job Boards: Hireforce offers the option to integrate with various external job boards. This expands your reach by showcasing your openings on additional platforms frequented by job seekers. ℹ️ Note: This functionality might require additional configuration or a paid subscription.

  • Leverage Referral Hub for Talent Acquisition: Encourage employee referrals! Hireforce's Referral Hub allows you to streamline the process and incentivize employees to recommend qualified candidates from their networks.

  • Promote on Social Media: Share the job opening directly on social media platforms or anywhere else using the unique job publish link generated by Hireforce

Create a Job from approved requisition

Before creating a job to publish on your Career Page, there is a very first step that takes place internally in any company such as getting approval for a new position or replacement in your organization. Firstly, as an Admin, you need to enable the feature in Setting, then you or your team can start to use Requisition for your hiring process

Candidate Management

The Candidate Dashboard provides a centralized view of all applicants for managing potential hires. Here you can:

As an Admin, you can adjust the visibility of individual information fields on the candidate profile to ensure the confidentiality of certain sensitive information, such as salary. Hireforce can assist you with Display Candidate Information feature.


Reports provide a centralized view of your hiring process data. This allows you to easily track and analyze key metrics: Time to Hire, Team productivity helping you optimize your recruitment efforts.

As an Admin, you have full access to all reports, enabling you to gain comprehensive insights into your talent acquisition process.

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